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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
Rotorcraft Design Team 3 Q-450 Shrike N/A Y44
NoseGoes Development of a novel nasal aspiration device for home-based nasal sample collection in children Dr. Goudy and Dr. Gulani B18
THUNDERJACKETS Submerged Heat Pipe Condenser Heat Pump Water Heater Rheem Manufacturing W29
Gamma Team Battery-less RFID Heart Rate Sensor Greg Durgin W11
The Splintstones Splint Immobilizers Dr. Nadrat Nuhu B26
Avengers Disassemble ! Automated data capture device for use in Design to Value (DFMA) McKinsey & Company B33
AnchorCath AnchorCath Kaveeta Kaw R2
PolyCycle Reducing Environmental Impact of Surtec's Injection Molding Surtec Y53
Work n' Progress Mechanical Linkage for Multi-Drone System Mike Tinskey W14
Red Team Networking DNS Network Traffic Parser N/A G24
Team Comet Joggled Class Divider Boeing B9
Hit the Breaks! Driving Scheduling Change NAPA Auto Parts Y20
Everything's Peachy Light Attack Aircraft Design N/A Y49
Radiological Engineering/Detection Systems Neutronic Detection Systems for Molten Salt Flow Loop N/A Y47
GERDians GERDguard: An Endoscopic Solution to Treating Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease Alix Youngblood, M.D., Anand Jain, M.D. B8
The Aquanauts Development of Swarm Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (MicroFloats) Georgia Tech G13
Filament Five 3D Printing Filament with Reduced Microparticle Emission CDC/NIOSH W23
Carmenta Dual Lander Mars Ascent Vehicle AIAA B1
Shooni Shooni NA Y6
Speaker Testing Design of a test rig to validate the performance of a novel Loudspeaker Acoustic Adapter (LAA) TBI Audio Systems LLC W31
Past Semester Expo Portal List 1-20 of 965    Page of 49