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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
HeartThrobs Telemedical Auscultation Emory University Hospital 02-C
Wreck It Benckiser Team 7 RB & Kenco RB & Kenco 06-L
~simplysoil~ the bin N/A 16-A
Dynamic Hardware Linker Dynamic Hardware Linker N/A 17-F
Finanseer Finanseer – Smart Financial Advisor N/A 09-E
Always Look on the Northside Patient Throughput in Northside Hospital Gwinnett Emergency Department Northside Hospital Gwinnett 02-A
No Pressure Pressureless Cold Sintering of ZnO on Polymer Substrates Murata Manufacturing 01-E
Parks and Wreck How Much Monetary Value Does Piedmont Park Add To Single-Family Homes In Midtown? Piedmont Park Conservancy 05-K
Not throwin' away my shot Therapeutic Shipment Sensor Device Management UPS Healthcare 07-G
The Salivation Army Saliva Management During Dental Procedures Microcopy Dental 02-I
Where-house? Where-house? CVS Health 07-L
Brock Protective Headgear Brock Protective Headgear Brock USA 15-D
Milk Maids Screening Tool for Infant Suction Strength Related to Breastfeeding Dr. Alex Dabrowiecki 10-G
Eaton WiFi BLE Smart IoT Switches Eaton WiFi BLE Smart IoT Switches Eaton 12-C
The Happy Place Seasonal Affective Disorder Light N/A 02-G
CreateX CapstoneTeam 9 Create X Capstone: Closet Organization N/A 09-C
The Mighty DUCCs Embedded IOT Platform for Citizen Science N/A 06-J
Think Outside the Cox Manheim Labor Allocation Manheim 06-K
TJ Maxx Ulnar Collateral Ligament Prevention Device N/A 15-K
TROCARE Reengineering Trocars for Pediatric Laparoscopies Dr. Matthew Clifton 03-K
Past Semester Expo Portal List 1-20 of 315    Page of 16