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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
UrineLuck Ureteral Stent Removal The Global Center for Medical Innovation R8
peristriPT peristriPT Mayo Clinic R29
Zephyrus Supersonic Business Jet Development n/a R23
Short Circuit Voice Automatic Spice Dispenser N/a B34
Drone-Digit Collaboration Enabling Collaboration between Drones and Robots through Obstacle Avoidance N/A G3
POW! Bringing the Heat Improved Perioperative Warming James Barger and Chase Elkin G4
SpoilerAlert Rapid Insulin Efficacy Test Dr. Charles Gilliland G28
Compartment Department Under Pressure: A noninvasive approach to diagnose compartment syndrome Dr. Agreen Hadadi B18
4343 Group 1 HSVTOL Aircraft Design N/A B8
Gutter Geeks Dedicated Gutter Cleaning Tool TTI G21
The Rectifiers Ensuring Adequate Bowel Preparation Prior to Coloscopies Dr. Aaron Gerard Isaac R11
The Winning Ticket The Winning Ticket Scientific Games B5
LOTUS LOTUS: Multi-Purpose L1 Platform N/A B22
Armstrong Armstrong - Functional Electrical Stimulation Forearm Bracelets Jared Grier R12
RouteWay RouteWay Create-X R34
4343 Group 3 High-Speed Vertical Takeoff and Landing Aircraft N/A R16
Finding The Best Route Route Consolidation Cox Communications B17
StretchTech StretchTech N/A B32
ISYE Senior Design Team 17 Steelcase Supply Chain Design Edward Vanderbilt G2
Chair Captains GM Autonomous Captain's Chair HMI Lab B21
Past Semester Expo Portal List 1-20 of 774    Page of 39