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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
North Ave Fire Fighters Incident Prediction and Prevention Kimberly-Clark 10-H
Set the Lace Designing a Shoe-Tying Assistive Device for Upper Limb Impairment Synchro Motion 01-D
The Incredibles The Incredibles Alexander Prewitt 02-B
ClearWay Non-Invasive Device to Alleviate Airway Obstruction Under Monitored Anesthesia Care Monica Burrell 02-G
Embrace Correcting for Breast Asymmetry from Congenital Deformities and Post-Surgical Defects The Mayo Clinic 01-G
Sharing is Caring United States Consignment Inventory Optimization Smith + Nephew 10-F
For Fox Sake Fox Theatre Lobby Streamlining The Fox Theatre 09-F
Verizon Connect Telematics In Vehicle Communication Device for Fleet Management Verizon Connect 10-I
T-Titans UGV Range Extension 75th Rangers Regiment (National Security Innovation Network) 05-D
Making Change Basketball Shooting Storage Machine N/A 08-G
The Boys Component Prediction Plan Tindall 10-D
AFO Generative Design AFO Generative Design Autodesk 04-B
Phantom Friends 3-D Printing and Medical Devices: Printing Physiologically Accurate Phantom Vessels Stratasys 03-E
404 The Counter-Culture VAP Prevention Kit Halyard Health 04-I
Tournifit Smart Tourniquet to Improve Venipuncture Rates ( Dr. Stephen A. Beese, MD. 02-H
NeoFlex Novel Temporary Implant for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Pediatric Esophageal Atresia Boston Scientific 04-E
Easy Peesy Quantitative Urine Output Tracking for CHF Patients N/A 04-J
Finding Pneumo Remote Lung Auscultation Device Dr. Lorenzo Di Francesco 04-F
SPOT Smart Harness (team5_malone) SPOT Create-X 01-K
Joint Effort Elbow Hemi-Arthroplasty device Dr. Eric Wagner, Dr. Michael Gottschalk, and Dan Thompson 01-I
All Course Expo Portal List 1-20 of 129    Page of 7