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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
F-15 LED Exterior Lights 03-F-15 LED Exterior Lights Alan Byrd; F-15 System Program Office, USAF 6
LSW Solid-Liquid N/A 5
Klean Klean Klean 1
The Carrot Doggers 05-The Carrot Dogger Carrot Dog ATL 4
GripGuardians 02-F-15 Anti-Skid Operational Checkout F-15 System Program Office (SPO), USAF 3
Get a Grip Improved Grip Trainer for Rock Climbers N/A 2
Rotorcraft Design Team 3 Q-450 Shrike N/A Y44
NoseGoes Development of a novel nasal aspiration device for home-based nasal sample collection in children Dr. Goudy and Dr. Gulani B18
THUNDERJACKETS Submerged Heat Pipe Condenser Heat Pump Water Heater Rheem Manufacturing W29
Gamma Team Battery-less RFID Heart Rate Sensor Greg Durgin W11
The Splintstones Splint Immobilizers Dr. Nadrat Nuhu B26
Avengers Disassemble ! Automated data capture device for use in Design to Value (DFMA) McKinsey & Company B33
AnchorCath AnchorCath Kaveeta Kaw R2
PolyCycle Reducing Environmental Impact of Surtec's Injection Molding Surtec Y53
Work n' Progress Mechanical Linkage for Multi-Drone System Mike Tinskey W14
Red Team Networking DNS Network Traffic Parser N/A G24
Team Comet Joggled Class Divider Boeing B9
Hit the Breaks! Driving Scheduling Change NAPA Auto Parts Y20
Everything's Peachy Light Attack Aircraft Design N/A Y49
Radiological Engineering/Detection Systems Neutronic Detection Systems for Molten Salt Flow Loop N/A Y47
Past Semester Expo Portal List 1-20 of 971    Page of 49