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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
Bun in the Oven Global Health Capstone ?
The Swing Space Champs Swing Space Allocation for On-campus Renovations Jimmie Hardin
Dellta Soldiers Dell Technologies - Inventory Management Hastha Sivakumar
Helping Hand Auto-Nav Mobile Platform LinkDyn
Back to Earth Deploying Magsails for Spacecraft Deorbiting Dr. Robert Zubrin
401 Champion SmartPatch Champion
Robotics Team Tennibot X Tennibot
The Incredibles The Incredibles Alexander Prewitt
Incisionizers A self-retaining surgical retractor to assist in exposure during small-incisional surgery Dr. Sarah Avila
Underground Project TYKE N/A
SPOT Smart Harness (team5_malone) SPOT Create-X
TechSet Radio Multi-Input Wireless Headphones N/A
Team 3 Scalar N/A
Engagitech Providing a New Tier in EdTech N/A
Mix Tape Ventures Mix Tape Ventures Mix Tape Ventures
IO Reducing Energy Consumption through Home Energy Management Systems N/A
Strapt Strapt N/A
Team Green Team Green Trace
IN.Vision IN.Vision Entreprenurial
Piece Piece N/A
All Semester Expo Portal List 1-20 of 129    Page of 7