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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
Snorelax Enhancing CPAP Treatment: Comfort-Optimized Mask for Improved OSA Patient Adherence William Healey R4
The Fearful Five Unmanned Helicopter Design Chance McColl R41
Intelligent Digital Communications VIP Drone Delivery in Stadium VIP G17
Frito-Lay Aerospace Floating Dorito Dr. Chance McColl R7
BreathBuddy A Solution for Remote Detection of Acute Lung Disease Lilas Dagher Y1
ScopeOptix Improving Safety and Efficiency of Minimally Invasive Surgery by Clearing the Camera Lens N/A G4
ThoraTech Minimizing Tube Misplacement During Thoracostomy Dr. Phillip Kim G25
PandaDream TBD N/A R50
RealTalk RealTalk N/A R1
EsophaHealers Large Esophageal Dilation with Scope Visibility Dr. Anand Jain R10
AGT Automatic Guitar Tuner N/A G31
Evea Skincare App N/A R12
The Heart Throbs Designing a CPR Machine for the Cardiac Cath Lab Dr. Mariem Sawan R15
Create X - Team 10 Rise Assist N/A Y6
FRMBX Farm Box N/A B25
Boeing Boys Microsoft Azure Boeing G21
Synergistics Multi-Sensored Wireless Headphones for Immersive Theater Experience Third Rail Projects G14
Team Sterilizer Team Sterilizer Joe Montalvo R29
PACMasters ADVANCEMENT OF HEMODYNAMIC MONITORING THROUGH A NOVEL SWAN-GANZ PULMONARY CATHETER ADAPTATION T Anastasios Panagopoulos; anastasios.niko.panagopoulos@emory.edu & Kaveeta Kaw; kaveeta.kaw@emory.edu R46
Visual Mixer & Equalizer Visual Mixer & Equalizer N/A Y17
Active Expo Portal List 1-20 of 129    Page of 7