Fall 2022 Projects

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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
UrineLuck Ureteral Stent Removal The Global Center for Medical Innovation
Ringminder Ringminder N/A
Unmanned Aerial Combat Solutions ZQ-28 Savage N/A
Watchdog Watchdog Safety Device N/A
LOTUS LOTUS: Multi-Purpose L1 Platform N/A
Convoy Senior Design Team 12 Reefer Shipment Optimization Brendan Stafford
Morpheus ICU Patient Sleep Quality Improvement Lilas Dagher
Team 7 Honeywell Honeywell Job Cost Estimation Laura Laltrello
My Diabetic Toolkit My Diabetic Toolkit N/A
Cloud Devil High-Speed Vertical Takeoff and Landing (HSVTOL) Aircraft N/A
Bionic Arm Mobile Arm Support Craig H Neilsen Foundation
OnePunch Punch It and Go: Designing a punch biopsy tool which can be utilized by those with little training Dr. Neha Shukla
Lawn Power Creating an Emergency Use Microgenerator from a Household Lawn Mower Dr. Richard Simmons
Ion Care F02-Design of Trapped Ion Quantum Computer Chamber Dr. Wang
TranzSporter 2.0 15-TranzSporter 2.0 TieDown
Senior Designers F09-Interactive Blooming Flowering Plant Dr. Mary Ann Weitnauer
Infrared Seat FInder N/A
Fred and Friends F08-Lovely Interactive Robotic Worm N/A
Energy Absorber F03-Minimizing Damage in Rear End Accidents N/A
The Bakers Shortbread - The Self-Diagnosing Breadboard N/A
Active Expo Portal List 1-20 of 39    Page of 2