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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
Bun in the Oven Global Health Capstone ?
The Swing Space Champs Swing Space Allocation for On-campus Renovations Jimmie Hardin
Dellta Soldiers Dell Technologies - Inventory Management Hastha Sivakumar
Helping Hand Auto-Nav Mobile Platform LinkDyn
Back to Earth Deploying Magsails for Spacecraft Deorbiting Dr. Robert Zubrin
401 Champion SmartPatch Champion
Robotics Team Tennibot X Tennibot
The Incredibles The Incredibles Alexander Prewitt
Incisionizers A self-retaining surgical retractor to assist in exposure during small-incisional surgery Dr. Sarah Avila
Underground Project TYKE N/A
SPOT Smart Harness (team5_malone) SPOT Create-X
TechSet Radio Multi-Input Wireless Headphones N/A
Team 3 Scalar N/A
Engagitech Providing a New Tier in EdTech N/A
Mix Tape Ventures Mix Tape Ventures Mix Tape Ventures
IO Reducing Energy Consumption through Home Energy Management Systems N/A
Strapt Strapt N/A
Team Green Team Green Trace
IN.Vision IN.Vision Entreprenurial
Piece Piece N/A
Mirror Mirror on the Wall Mirror w/ Smart Display N/A
Team 4 Fire Buddy Create-X
Team 6 Sous Craig R. Forest
Team 10 Attention Management Tool N/A
Team 8 Music Connection and Collaboration n/a
Intrface CADe N/A
Refresh.so Refresh.so N/A
StartProto MakerPresence N/A
T-Titans UGV Range Extension 75th Rangers Regiment
Get Hitched Automatic Hitch for Baggage Trailers Delta GSE
The Autovendors Autonomous Vending Machine Delivery Robot N/A
iTree iTree Rudy Dunbar, Ashley Duffins
Drone Buddy Drone Buddy N/A
EPICS Preeclampsia Screening Tool Dr. Rudolph Gleason
Actin Action Objective Muscle Strength Quantification Device for Pediatric Telemedicine National Security Innovation Network
Radix DuPont Wireless Charging DuPont
AGCO Smart Label AGCO Smart Label AGCO
Beta Team Automatic Wireless Charging N/A
Phantom Friends 3-D Printing and Medical Devices: Printing Physiologically Accurate Phantom Vessels Stratasys
Catching Wire Intermittent Wire Storage During Interventional Radiology Procedures Ayman Abunimer
The Boys Component Prediction Plan Tindall
Emote Controller Emote Controller N/A
Dronezz Drone Property Management N/A
Holy Rolling Empire Rear Suspension for an FSAE Car n/a
Touché Tactio: Modular Tactile Sensor Development Suite N/A
Set the Lace Designing a Shoe-Tying Assistive Device for Upper Limb Impairment Synchro Motion
Treble Jackets Multi-Source Boombox N/A
Should It Stay or Should It CIS-GO Cisco Systems Supply Chain Optimization Rachel Zhu
The Price Is Right Cox Communications Price Response Modeling Cox Communications
Flex Appeal Muscle Strength Device National Security Innovation Network
Friends of Aaron's Aaron's Labor Allocation Aaron's, Inc.
The Pinnipeds High Water Performance Aluminum Swing Door Kawneer
Cap Squad Internet of Things Enabled Hand-Therapy Device Lucas Keller
Lazy Lawn Lazy Lawn Smart Sprinkler System N/A (Self Created)
For Fox Sake Fox Theatre Lobby Streamlining The Fox Theatre
AFO Generative Design AFO Generative Design Autodesk
Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle PET World Without Waste: Cost Forecast Coca-Cola
DIY Engineering CNC Plasma Cutter Retrofit Dave Iago
Don't Go Breaking My Hartsfield Improving Security Checkpoint Operations Delta Air Lines
Emissions Experts Carbon Emission Reporting United Parcel Service
IVTronic Expandable IV Eeshwar Chandrasekar
404 The Counter-Culture VAP Prevention Kit Halyard Health
Environmental ALPLAcations sd20f28: Environmental ALPLAcations ECOLYMER
MobiGo DOT Inclusive Design Challenge US Department of Transportation
BioBuzz Low Cost Neonatal Incubator Design for Fabrication in Ghana N/A
Verizon Connect Telematics In Vehicle Communication Device for Fleet Management Verizon Connect
The Plasma Boys Rapid Plasma Viscosity Measurement for COVID-19 Patients Dr. Sarah Kamal
Sharing is Caring United States Consignment Inventory Optimization Smith + Nephew
Baby S.H.I.E.L.D Personal Protection Equipment for Children under the age of 2 Dr. James Stubbs
ClearWay Non-Invasive Device to Alleviate Airway Obstruction Under Monitored Anesthesia Care Monica Burrell
Team Aluma Inventory Optimization N/A
CapDesign Autonomous Lawnmower Greenzie
Tournifit Smart Tourniquet to Improve Venipuncture Rates Dr. Stephen A. Beese, MD.
Embrace Correcting for Breast Asymmetry from Congenital Deformities and Post-Surgical Defects The Mayo Clinic
When you say Budweiser, you've said it all! Anheuser-Busch Inventory Optimization Anheuser-Busch
DSPeople SAMMS - Speech Assisting Multi-Microphone System Emory Voice Center
Scientific Shark Prince William Sound N/A
Green Team Highschool Startup Project - Solar Boat Fulton County Innovation Academy
Joint Effort Elbow Hemi-Arthroplasty device Dr. Eric Wagner, Dr. Michael Gottschalk, and Dan Thompson
Diesel Doctors Adiabatic Diesel Engine Dr. Steve Dickerson
SODA Omni-Directional Sound Analysis System for Bioacoustic Mapping N/A
The Power Changers Low-Cost, Small-Scale Generator Dr. Simmons
Team T.A.K.E-O.F.F High School Startup Project Fulton County School System - Scott Kent
The Brainy Bunch Simulated Brain Mapping Using 3D Printing for Advanced Simulation Mayo Clinic Jacksonville
iProtect Sterile Phone Case for Intraoperative Imaging Dr. Clifton Meals
Better Fit Quantitative Respirator Fit Test Lee Taylor
Project Halo Project Halo Dr. Charlie Hutchinson; Captain Remington Myhre
LaparoTech Developing a Laparoscopic Pushing Device N/A
NovaSpire Re-Usable N95 Respirator GCMI
Easy Peesy Quantitative Urine Output Tracking for CHF Patients N/A
Phalanges Phlexors Design for Assistive Glove N/A
Power Grid Security Team Secure Multiparty and Multifactor Update for Power Grid N/A
North Ave Fire Fighters Incident Prediction and Prevention Kimberly-Clark
ZABA Router ZABA Router N/A
0% Risk Design of an automated manufacturing system to fabricate smart water heater pan Rheem Manufacturing Company
NeoFlex Novel Temporary Implant for Minimally Invasive Treatment of Pediatric Esophageal Atresia Boston Scientific
Braving COVID-19 Reopening Truist Park in 2021 Atlanta Braves
Machine Titans High Water Performance Aluminum Swing Entrance Door Kawneer Inc.
Nuclear Origami Material Handling Design Challenge for a next generation Radionuclide Sampler/Analyzer (RASA 2) Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
Active Expo Portal List 1-99 of 117    Page of 2