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Team Project Title Sponsor Name Table Number
Team Gecko 03-A-F01-Jute Fiber Extraction Machine USAID 16-K
Bangladesh Onion Planting (BOP) 03-A-F02-Onion and garlic planters USAID 16-C
Lactic 04-A-S01-Less Invasive Technique to Significantly Improve Athletics Student Project 15-G
AMEND Team Viasat AMEND Antenna Autotracking Viasat 17-A
Capstone :) 03-B-F09-Low Cost Neonatal Incubator for Fabrication and Use in Ghana: Enclosure & Mechanical Dr. William Whit Smith 17-C
Ridiculous Six 03-A-F02-Onion and garlic planters USAID 16-H
New Homes for Radomes New Homes for Radomes Robins Air Force Base 15-H
Dynamic Hardware Linker Dynamic Hardware Linker N/A 17-F
Ranger Danger 01-B-E23-Universal Molle bag 3D Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment 15-I
Advanced Casing Solutions 05-B-E16-Soft Case Military Applications Through 3D Printing BASF 15-B
Rossum's Undergraduate Robots MicroFloats: A Swarm of Autonomous Underwater Vehicles Dr. Mick West 16-I
Dial B for Birder Emergent Strategies, Experiences, and Outcomes of Policy Entrepreneurs Advocating for Bird-Safe Legi Georgia Audubon/Adam Betuel 17-D
BarMobil S10-Modular power rack attachment to adjust bar height without unloading weight NA 15-C
2 Stiff 2 Sturdy Formula SAE Chassis N/A 15-A
SangReal UniLancet N/A 16-J
Flightie Talkie 01-B-E22-Speaker Integration with SUAS 3D Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment 15-E
X-21 Viper Uninhabited Combat Air Vehicle (UCAV) N/A 15-L
Ecolymer Robotic River Cleanup Automation and Collision Avoidance for Robotic River Cleanup Ecolymer 16-D
Little Einsteins 03-B-F08-Low Cost Neonatal Incubator for Fabrication and Use in Ghana: Electronics & Software Dr. William Okyere-Frempong 17-H
GT-21 Stinger Uninhabited Combat Aerial Vehicle N/A 15-F
Brock Protective Headgear Brock Protective Headgear Brock USA 15-D
TJ Maxx Ulnar Collateral Ligament Prevention Device N/A 15-K
Aquanauts 03-E-F06-Prince William Sound Underwater Profiling Vehicle Georgia Tech 16-B
Use the Train(ing) Wheels Prince William Sound Underwater Profiling Vehicle Dr. Rob Campbell at the Prince William Sound Science Center 16-L
~simplysoil~ the bin N/A 16-A
Eagle Scouts F11-American Bald Eagle Rehabilitation Tracker American Eagle Foundation 17-G
Just In Time Sensing the Subnivean Dr. Jon Pauli 16-E
Watt-lanta Street Lighting Budget Allocation Atlanta Department of Transportation 14-J
YJ2 AeroCab Autonomous Thin Haul Air Taxi N/A 14-K
Paper+ Creating a Recycling Program Aimed at Improving the Recyclability of Paper Towels GreenBlue 16-F
Plastics without Particles Screening Methods for Visual Defects in Recycled Polyethylene Films Printpack 16-G
Universal Audio Analysis and Retrofit Analysis and Retrofit of LA610 and 610 Compressor and Preamp N/A 17-J
Tennis Ball Warmer Tennis Ball Warmer NA 15-J
Bunny Hopkins Toy Design Team Toy Design Capstone Project Bunny Hopkins 17-B
Team Lavender sd21p01: Neonatal-Incubator Dr. Whit Smith 17-I
GTRF BuzzBoard N/A 09-F
Shouku YingXao, an Automated EcoGardener N/A 12-I
Best Team No Cap 02-A-E11-Optical Measurements of Beverage Mixing The Coca-Cola Company 10-B
Big Things Come in Small Parcels Outbound CVS Health 14-A
24 05-F-E30-Build and test a mmW Radar System Boeing 12-A
Electrifying Elevation 03-H-S04-Dock Mounted Wireless Boat charger N/A 11-B
Puorgaht Electric Board/Scooter Lock and charging station The Georgia Institute of Technology 09-J
Team Nyx Explorer of the Crater of Eternal Darkness N/A 14-E
The Air Taxi Alliance Thin Haul Air Taxi Design N/A 14-G
Eaton: GAD1 Gesture Activated Devices Eaton Wiring Devices 12-D
Team Stardust Characterization of Haynes 282 Spring in High Temperature Applications Technetics 10-J
The F-Keys IoT Keyboard N/A 12-K
Team BuzzCuts 03-C-E21-Off Grid Solar Power System to Charge USB Android Phones & Shaving Machines Isaac Zama 11-J
W&G Engineering Solutions Roundabout Design Cobb County DOT 14-I
Team 10 - Eaton Gesture Activated Devices Gesture Activated Devices Eaton Wiring Devices 12-J
Helluva Energy-neers Event Energy Forecasting Georgia World Congress Center (GWCC) 11-D
Molten Salt FluSFR: Flouride Salt Fast Nuclear Reactor N/A 11-F
DynaMITE Dynamic Mission to Investigate Titan's Environment (DynaMITE) N/A 14-B
Team Amba 03-C-E31-Off Grid Solar Power System to Operate Sewing and/or Shaving Machines Isaac Zama 11-H
Grass Gurus Mower Grass Bag Fill Sensor TTI 12-E
EthiAssay Early Detection of Preeclamptic Risk Dr. Rudy Gleason 10-C
Need4Speed Variable Output Velocity Nozzle for Leaf Blowers TechTonic Industries (TTI) 09-G
Cooper Lighting Dynamic Sound Masking for Cooper Lighting Cooper Lighting 12-B
Whizzards At-Home Rapid Chlamydia Screening Device N/A 10-L
Team ACE S07-ACE - Automatic Concussion Evaluation NSIN 10-I
Eaton WiFi BLE Smart IoT Switches Eaton WiFi BLE Smart IoT Switches Eaton 12-C
GTRI: Sensor System GTRI - Sensor System Apparatus & Testing AGCO/GTRI 10-D
StrikeViz Baseball Visual Strike Zone Create-X 09-K
Ahead of the Curve Improving the quantification of oxy-hemoglobin in blood Emory 10-A
Milk Maids Screening Tool for Infant Suction Strength Related to Breastfeeding Dr. Alex Dabrowiecki 10-G
Molten Lead Fast Reactor Molten Lead Fast Reactor N/A 11-E
Prometheus Titan Orbiter Mission Design N/A 14-C
Is It Really Melena? Distinguishing between Upper and Lower GI Bleeds via external process Kevin P Shah 10-E
Team Buzz S06-Build a Charger for LiCoO2 Battery Cells N/A 11-I
Group 22 - Telepresence Robot Telepresence Robot N/A 12-F
DK 01-A-E01-Jacobsen Mower Deck Efficiency Improvement/Optimization Textron Specialized Vehicles: Roebuck, Trevor 11-A
Pole People 01-E-E06-Telescope Pole TTI 09-I
RotoRelief 2025 Unmanned Vertical Lift for Medical Equipment Distribution N/A 14-D
Team SkippHe SkippHe Saturn Atmospheric Skimmer N/A 14-F
TFR (Tin-cooled Fast Reactor) TiLTR (Tin-cooled Low-Temperature Reactor) N/A 11-K
EV Battery Charger EV Battery Charger N/A 11-C
Thin Haul Aircraft Design - Team 1 Thin Haul Air Taxi (THAT) N/a 14-H
ShopEZ ShopEZ N/A 12-H
Smart and Connected Bioelectronics Flexible Bioelectronics Dr. Woonhong Yeo 10-H
No Cap(stone) S35-Ready-Brewed All-in-one Cold Brew Coffee Machine N/A 09-H
TRCK S29-Automated Public Health Screening N/A 10-K
Pandemic Squad 03-G-S03-CRC building waste heat recovery into a swimming pool N/A 11-G
Kitigawa Daiichi In-Situ Pulsed UV Irradiation for Viral Disinfection in Dynamical Dialysis Scenario N/A 10-F
Team KickAds Advark: Universal Ad-Blocking Device CREATE-X 09-L
ParKing ParKing N/A 12-G
Allyson Stout Sound Healing Literature Review Nathaniel Condit-Shultz 08-A
Daniel's Group Package Theft Prevention Independent Project 09-D
Cold Chain Soul Train Amazon Freight Cold Chain Amazon Freight 07-B
Roses Are Red, Bags Are JetBlue Roses Are Red, Bags Are JetBlue JetBlue Airways 07-I
CardLITics Improved Targeting Model Cardlytics 06-B
Interpretive Mechanica Design of Dynamic Canvas Projection System to Simulate Artificial Reality Kit Modus 08-C
Make It Don't Break It Make It Don't Break It Coca Cola Bottling Company United 07-F
Wreck It Benckiser Team 7 RB & Kenco RB & Kenco 06-L
Social Impact Investigators Best Practices in the Financing of Nonprofits, Social Entrepreneurs, and High Impact Businesses Atlanta Emerging Markets Inc. 06-F
Parks and Wreck Hedonic Regression to Determine the Effect of Proximity to Piedmont Park on Residences in Atlanta Piedmont Park Conservancy 05-K
Smart Helmet Smart Helmet N/A 05-L
Survival Analysis of the Fittest Predictive Maintenance for Lawnmowers Logility 06-G
JacketDSP JacketDSP Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal N/A 08-D
Active Expo Portal List 1-99 of 186    Page of 2