The increased demand for respiratory equipment due to the Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the importance of longevity and maintenance of essential devices like the BALLARD Closed Suction Catheter System. Currently, these catheters require frequent replacement, often prematurely, due to mucus buildup, posing logistical and safety concerns for medical personnel. Testing catheter lifespan is resource-intensive and necessitates continuous humidification to simulate real-world conditions. Moreover, the lack of effective cleaning procedures exacerbates these issues, with only a saline solution currently employed for maintenance. To address these challenges, our approach encompassed a two-pronged strategy: redesigning the catheter system’s manifold for detachability and developing an efficient cleaning solution. By redesigning the catheter system to be detachable, we aim to facilitate more thorough cleaning without disrupting the ventilation circuit, thereby extending catheter lifespan.
Department Material Sciences & Engineering
Sponsor AirLife
Advisor Mary Lynn Realff
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Name Major Hometown
Allison Doerr MSE Suwanee, GA
Lindsay Southard MSE Dunwoody, GA
Nicole McClelland MSE Alpharetta, GA
Parker Santo Domingo MSE East Hanover, NJ
Sanika Kulkarni MSE Alpharetta, GA