Difficulties navigating airports present a barrier to blind/visually impaired individuals that can complicate or prevent them from doing many activities that would otherwise be routine. The increased dependence on others reduces feelings of autonomy and subjects them to a customer experience that, at best, can be described as inconsistent and demeaning. Seekr eliminates this barrier with our assistive airport navigation technology, providing visually impaired individuals with a greater sense of independence in carrying out routine tasks while simultaneously improving the efficiency and cost of airport operations.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor CreateX
Advisor David Anderson
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Name Major Hometown
Aislinn Abbott ME York, Pennsylvania
Alaz Cig ME Istanbul, Turkey
Andrew Gunawan CmpE Austin, Texas
Hanrui Wang CS Tianjin, China
Jackie Chen CmpE Calcutta, OH
James Mead ME Eatonton, Georgia
Rithvi Ravichandran CmpE Jacksonville, Florida