"The Good, The Bad, The Dangerous (Goods)" is working with Delta Air Lines, one of the
largest airlines in the United States with their main hub located in Atlanta. The team is working specifically with
the Dangerous Goods Warehouse to provide data-driven solutions and recommendations to standardize the
internal processes and training with the ultimate goal of reducing violations with the Federal Aviation
Administration (FAA). The team's approach is focused on building a task allocation model that prepares employees to handle multiple
roles within the warehouse, providing a method to distribute experience throughout the warehouse. Additionally,
the team's audit of the current operating system will allow Delta to gain a greater understanding of its
software needs.
Department Industrial & Systems Engineering
Sponsor Delta Air Lines
Advisor Dr. Tokol-Goldsman
Primary Email Contact
Table # B07


Name Major Hometown
Cole Moore IE Suwanee
Emma Hudock IE Atlanta, GA
John Hull IE Decatur, GA
Kavya Venkateswaran IE Johns Creek, GA
Keya Parikh IE Suwanee, GA
Mari Nielsen IE Mercer Island, WA
Maxim Khanmamedov IE Dallas, TX
Nikhita Ragam IE Flower Mound