Hospital-Acquired Pressure Injuries (HAPI) stand as one of the most prevalent "never-events" in the United States, impacting approximately 2.5 million patients annually and resulting in over 60,000 deaths. The treatment expenses for HAPI can amount to $2000-$6000 per patient per day, culminating in a staggering $30 billion burden on hospitals each year. Adults at risk for hospital acquired pressure injuries in the intensive care unit need a simple solution to alleviate pressure injuries in a cost effective manner. This project endeavors to mitigate financial strains and improve patient outcomes by developing a device designed for continuous utilization throughout a patient's ICU stay, replacing conventional pillows and foam wedges.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Phillip Kim
Advisor Prof. James Stubbs
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Name Major Hometown
Alekhya Kalidindi BME Milton
Chuwen Zheng BME Beijing, China
Kaitlyn Ayral BME Canton Georgia
Zhongtian Yang BME Harbin, China