Georgia Tech's sustainability goal calls for a 90% diversion rate from landfills by 2030. However, the current strategy has only reached about 1/4 of that goal campus-wise, with some facilities on campus having as low as 0% diversion rate. A big challenge preventing higher diversion rates includes contamination among compost bins rendering the content unusable. Our team looks to resolve this issue by designing a modular device designed to fit existing bins. The device aims to prevent contaminants from entering compost bins, spread awareness on correct composting practices, and positively reinforce correct behavior with the help of a digital display. Our project aligns with the UNSDG goal of ensuring sustainable consumption and production patterns by promoting sustainable waste management solution on campus.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor Prof. Simmons
Advisor Dr. Richard Simmons
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Name Major Hometown
Candace Kang ME Atlanta, GA
Dylan So ME Atlanta, GA
Elijah Shaw ME Buford, GA
Pauline Yakubovich EnvE Atlanta, GA
Shaolong Fan ME yaounde