Farm Box is an environment-controlled enclosure that can be used to monitor the growth of various plants. Farm Box allows a user to specify a plant’s ideal conditions for growth such as amount of light exposure, water, and humidity. Farm Box features temperature, humidity, soil content, and air content sensors. It is in the form of a 2’x2’x5’ enclosure with a microcontroller and sensors inside. The microcontroller interfaces with a computer to display measurements and allows for user customization of controls. The computer includes a graphical user interface for monitoring and control that will send commands to the microcontroller which will have firmware to interface with the actual hardware.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. Linda Milor
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Name Major Hometown
Bennett Bush EE Douglas, GA
Bernardo Perez EE Iowa City, IA
Carson Lowry EE Swanee, GA
Greyson Lovett EE Bogart, GA
Jason Yang CmpE Sharon, MA
Joseph Johnson EE Powder Springs, GA