We fabricated supercapacitors using proprietary incommensurate multi-layer graphene (IMLG) from HeXalayer, a graphene startup. To optimize specific capacitance, energy/power density, and durability, we explored graphene coatings, fabrication techniques, and electrode-electrolyte chemical interactions. Our experimental methodology meaningfully linked processing conditions, material structures, and device properties.
Department Material Sciences & Engineering
Sponsor HeXalayer
Advisor Dr. Natalie Stingelin
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Josephine Deronja MSE Raleigh NC
Matthew Reingold MSE Roswell, GA
Oliver Hvidsten MSE Needham, MA
Ori Nofsinger MSE Louisville, KY
Philothei Sahinidis MSE Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Ralph Kindler MSE Escanaba, Michigan