The purpose of this project is to design a baseball swing training and motivation device for players aged three to six years old. The device will present a ball for hitting, allow for full swing and contact, restrain the ball to fixed travel, and visually and/or audibly report swing effectiveness in an appropriate manner. Currently, there is a severe lack of products geared for kids aged three to six intended to both entertain them and help them improve their skills. Furthermore, a pain point for many parents seems to be having to constantly set up and retrieve a ball from a tee so their child can practice. Even when there is time for this method, it seems that frequently the children quickly become disinterested, frustrated, or bored. The Batting Buddy intends to address this opportunity space. This product is intended to be used as an affordable outdoor training aid for children from the ages of three to six. It will be simple enough for a child to practice with on his own accord but can also allow for valuable parent-child time without the added frustration of manual setup. In addition, the training aid will be advanced enough to give feedback and improve the user’s swing skills. The Batting Buddy intends to provide a batting-aid solution at the intersection of entertainment and improvement.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor Brink Product Development LLC. (DBA: Daddio Time) Company
Advisor Dr. Todd Sulchek
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