The goal of this project is to develop a specialized adapter for the NozebotĀ® device to allow for the collection of nasal secretions in pediatric patients at home and send the collected samples for clinical testing or for research applications. This adapter will use the same suction tip that is part of the Nozebot device but will add a receptacle for collecting the sample in a sterile manner without causing any environmental contamination. After nasal sample collection is completed, this receptacle should be detachable, so it can be removed and closed with a cap to ship to the laboratory for testing of the nasal secretions. The development of this adapter will improve upon the nasal aspiration technique to allow for collection of nasal secretions at home across all age groups for the purpose of clinical testing and for research applications. This will reduce trips to the clinic for collection of patient samples and allow for remote monitoring of patients with chronic respiratory or sino-nasal disorders.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Dr. Goudy and Dr. Gulani
Advisor James Stubbs
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Brandon Sherrard BME Cleveland, OH
Brooke Switzer BME Markham, ON
Jordyn Forbes BME Fayetteville, GA
Rachael Onyewuenyi BME Suwanee, GA
Ricardo Rivera BME Chatsworth, GA