Our project is to create a centralized web page to serve as a connection among users using the sharing economy approaches while reducing complexities of the housing process for students. The website will focus on two types of customers: one for renters and one for homeowners. For renters, we will provide students or parents with information on housing choices on or near their preferred campus. Students can search for housing, roommates, or sublease all year round depending on their needs at the time. On the other hand, homeowners will have their management page which is served as a major hub for managing rentals, such as apartment complexes, rental properties, and subleases.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor NA
Advisor Serban Nicoleta
Primary Email Contact
Table # Y6


Name Major Hometown
Anna Fix IE Acworth, GA
Emilia Yao IE Hainan, China
Jihye "Julie" Oh CS Seoul, South Korea
Rui Fu IE Beijing, China
Shermin Dorri IE East Cobb, GA
Susie Huynh IE HCM, Vietnam
Xilei Zhu IE Hangzhou, China
Zhouyi Xue IE Shenzhen, China