Over 72,000 patients are diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD) every year. Current diagnosis techniques are limited due to extensive training requirements and time-consuming procedures. Late diagnosis can result in gangrene, amputations, and even death. PADscreen created a device, ImpedaPAD, to screen patients susceptible to peripheral arterial disease (PAD) using bioimpedance analysis technology. This device allows for early detection and provides each patient with a recommendation for further diagnosis. It builds upon the existing Ankle-Brachial Index (ABI) metric, which comprises simultaneous blood pressure computation across the brachial and dorsalis pedis arteries and a Doppler to analyze blood flow. Bioimpedance readings were obtained and cross-validated with Emory University Hospital’s current ABI machine: Flo-Lab Sx2 Vascular System. An SVM machine learning algorithm was then implemented to segregate impedance values into normal and abnormal readings to accurately output recommendations for clinical diagnosis confirmation. This device has a tremendous impact with a total addressable market of $70 million dollars. Save limbs and save lives with ImpedaPAD.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Dr. Olamide Alabi
Advisor Erick Maxwell
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Charles Lankau BME Atlanta, GA
Drew Haley BME Eatonton, Georgia
Jessica Soni BME Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Justin Thurber BME Barre, Vermont
Manshi Baskaran BME Johns Creek, Georgia