Our project is focused on creating a surgical device that will improve the peritoneal stripping process during HIPEC/cytoreductive surgeries. The peritoneum forms a barrier between the inside of the abdominal cavity and surrounding tissue, typically muscle. Surgeons currently use a Bovie electrocautery knife to enter the plane between the peritoneum and the underlying anatomy, and then use blunt force to pull the peritoneum off. However, these current methods are very tedious and exhausting for surgeons taking up to 2 hours in an already 8-10 hour surgery. The Bovie also uses heat, meaning surgeons cannot remove the peritoneum around sensitive organs without damaging them and are forced to leave some cancer untreated. There is no device currently designed specifically for peritoneal stripping in all regions of the abdomen without risking damage to surrounding organs.

To address these problems, we created the Eagle Pro, an intraoperative device that streamlines the removal of the peritoneum for patients with cancer. Eagle Pro incorporates the inflation properties of a balloon and a unique stainless steel ball tip to separate the peritoneum and underlying tissue for easy and quick removal by surgeons. The Eagle Pro saves time and effort for the surgeon and ensures all cancer can safely be removed throughout the abdomen.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Mayo Clinic
Advisor Dr. Emmanuel Gabriel
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Alex Hall BME Decatur, GA
Allison Rosenthal BME Belle Mead, NJ
Catherine Devarenne BME Chicago, IL
Omar Kayyali BME Sandy Springs, GA
Rachel Grosswald BME Alpharetta, GA