This Capstone Project aims to design a mobile arm support for persons with central cord spinal cord injury (SCI) to assist them in performing a series of functional activities to increase their level of independence. People living with SCI experience impaired arm strength and other symptoms relating to the injury of spinal cord nerves, and as such have a minimal level of function with everyday tasks. Current solutions are attached to surfaces such as tables or wheelchairs and remain expensive and unwieldy. This leaves a design opportunity for the Bionic Arm Team to develop a wearable and compatible arm support that eliminates the downsides of many current arm supports that exist today.
Department Industrial Design and Mech. Engg
Sponsor Craig H Neilsen Foundation
Advisor Stephen Sprigle
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Catherine Sun ID Alpharetta
Chinonye Mbeledogu ME Austell
Madison Lovelace ID Comer, Georgia
Tynan Purdy ID Atlanta, Georgia