Post-harvest losses in the South Cameroons have had a major negative impact on the lives of the farmers and refugees currently residing in the country. Amba Farmer’s Voice (AFV) is a nonprofit organization, in coordination with the South Cameroon Broadcasting Station, who look to further agriculture education in areas that have been affected by the wars raging in Africa. The team has been tasked with designing and configuring a simple, efficient, and cost-effective fruit and vegetable slicer that is capable of improving these farmers’ ability to preserve and prepare more produce than they are currently capable. Technical problems that exist with the project revolve around the lack of materials in South Cameroons, as well as the limitations of the intended operators. The system is to be reconstructed on location with materials available in local lumber yards, and standard fasteners can be difficult and expensive to procure.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor Amba Farmers Voice
Advisor Richard Simmons
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Mason Randall ME Warner Robins
Nicholas Simon-Brecke ME Atlanta
Nicholas Rokos ME Chapel Hill, NC
Zachary Bellis ME Marietta