Shortbread is a self-diagnosing breadboard that eases the circuit prototyping experience for students and hobbyist by detecting electrical faults before and after a circuit construction on the breadboard. This device operates two main modes: pre-check and run mode. During pre-check mode, the color-coded LEDs light up to indicate any short or open circuit faults on the prototyped circuit's nodes, and during run mode, Shortbread can detect dangerous surges of current draw from the power supply and disconnect the power supply to the circuit. By utilizing a simple, but alerting, physical user-interface and smart checks, Shortbread's users should have a safer and better debugging experience when prototyping circuits.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. Brian Beck
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Name Major Hometown
Christopher Saetia EE Warner Robins, Georgia
Huijin Chung EE Korea
Kyungchul Ha EE Bedford Massachusetts
Michael Carrow CmpE Milton
Thomas Contis EE Atlanta