The General Electric (GE) Carescape B450 physiological monitor is used in the high-stress transport of critical care patients in Emory Hospitals. These monitors often endure rough handling in the form of drops or collisions, which severely fracture the screen and damage the body, rendering the monitor inoperative. These damages cost around $8000 to repair, and in the past 18 months, the Emory Midtown Hospital alone has logged 42 monitor breakages, accruing up to $336,000 in repairs.

Current market solutions do not protect the device when being actively operated and fail to be chemically resistant, making them ill-suited for this application. The lack of viable alternatives necessitates the creation of a protective casing to mitigate the impact of accidents, while allowing normal use.

This project strives to provide an effective solution in the form of a protective housing to increase durability and minimize breakages of the B450 monitor during in-field use. The proposed product balances seemingly antithetical necessities by developing a fully-functional protective solution that also allows for normal operation of the device in a hospital setting with minimal hindrances.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor Emory University Hospital - Midtown
Advisor Dr. Roger Jiao
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Name Major Hometown
Kristen Thomas ME Rocky Ford
Mark Leggiero ME Oviedo, Florida
Mofoluwasade Popoola MSE Villa Rica, GA
Sabrina Schneider ME Suwanee
Shivani Kundalia ME Richmond, VA