NutriVend is a project that is consisted of developing a hardware and a software prototype. NutriVend aims to optimize nutrition through supplements for gym goers and athletes. The NutriVend hardware is a smart vending machine that is capable of dispensing supplements and has a function of customizing the amount of supplements vended. Users can use the software to create their own formula to maximize performance and minimize recovery time through optimum supplementation backed by scientific research.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Jianxin Jiao
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Abdullah Mubarak W Algrafi ME Medina
Marla Pinckney ME Greensboro
Parris Skiouris ME Decatur, GA
Samuel Orr ME Albany, Georgia
Varisa Gumpangkum ME Orlando, FL
Woosik Chung ME Riyadh/Seoul