We were tasked with creating an educational mass timber pavilion for the Georgia Forestry Foundation given a $250,000 budget. The objective of the project is not only for demonstrating the sustainable nature of mass timbers, but also for raising the awareness of the advantages and clarifying the misconceptions of the usage of mass timers as building materials. This pavilion will be traveling across the state of Georgia to several different exhibition locations without being a permanently fixed and site-specified fixture. In order to make this economically feasible, our team is researching and making the deployable assemblies of mass timbers. Coming from the initiatives of expediting mass timber constructions in the industry, the deployable approach optimizes the assembly processes and limits the kit of parts needed to be broken down and reassembled.
Department Architecture
Sponsor Georgia Forestry Foundation
Advisor Jennifer Hsiaw
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Benjamin Ullrich Arch Winterville, GA
Daniel C.Y. Hsu Arch Hsinchu, Taiwan
Jared Abrahamian Arch McDonough, GA
Katherine Bradford CE Winter Garden, FL