We designed a locker and a phone application that enables Papa John's customers to directly access their order in a fast and efficient manner. This locker has a scanner, which the customers will use to scan a unique barcode that they will retrieve once they are done ordering through the application. Once this code is scanned, the locker is opened, and the customer can retrieve their pizza. The order will contain information such as approximately what time their pizza will be ready and notify the customer when your pizza is hot and ready to be picked up in the locker.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor Papa John’s International
Advisor Xiaoli Ma
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Annie Liu CmpE NYC
Damian Huerta-Ortega CmpE Seguin
David Wechsler EE Porto Alegre
Dennis Crawford CmpE Loganville, GA
Leah Jackson EE LaGrange, GA