Mars currently lies at the center of attention for several space operations, and as such it is important not only to understand the red planet itself, but also its moons. Developing an understanding of the Martian moons, including their origin, composition, and stability, can help not only understand the context under which the moons were created, but also to verify whether they may act as potential staging areas for future human exploration missions. PICARD is a hopper mission to Phobos, designed to investigate the internal structure of the moon and determine its surface properties to provide insights into its origin and characterize it in the context of preparing for future human exploration on Mars and surrounding small bodies.
Department Aerospace Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. John Christian
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Name Major Hometown
Ava Thrasher AE Ellijay
Blake Berge AE Evans, GA
Brittney Brown AE Habersham, GA
Graham Jordan AE Orlando, FL
Jacob Chmielarz AE Fort Lauderdale, FL
Jake Anderson AE Atlanta, GA
Jerry Schweiger AE St. Helena, CA
Sergio Acosta AE Miami, FL
William Clemmons AE Vestavia Hills, AL