Filling the transit gap of cargo capacity in micro-mobility solutions.
This project aims to address the challenge of the lack of infrastructure and connectivity of transit to first- and last-mile destinations. While those with access to a motor vehicle may be most inclined to complete these short-distance trips via this mode of transport, urban areas, especially like that of Atlanta, pose the added challenge of congestion, traffic, and the search for parking at one’s final destination. As such, a micro-mobility device launched with a private ownership model aims to provide a way for those who live in high-density urban areas to transport themselves efficiently, safely, conveniently, and in an eco-friendly and affordable manner.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Dr. Richard Simmons
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Name Major Hometown
Charlotte Parkes CmpE Tampa, Florida
Gerard Daher ME Cleveland, Ohio
Jacob Gasque ME Rutledge, Georgia
Joseph Stein ME Fair Haven, New Jersey
Melissa Foley ME Middleboro, Massachusetts
Rushil Pingali ME Mumbai, India