“I have been walking down a crooked path, where the walls have fallen, broken me in half…I will not rest till I lay down my head, I’m gonna go to the house of stone and light” - Martin Page
This pavilion is meant to commemorate the convict laborers who lost their lives at the Chattahoochee Brick Company, whose names most don’t remember, whose stories are untold. We memorialize them with bricks like the ones they built, the ones used as their makeshift gravestones, but much bigger, more prominent, and more deserving of their stories. We memorialize them with a brick-laden crooked path that tells of their hardship, and a tensegrity pavilion which tells of their resilience, which shifts and stretches and moves as time passes, but never falters. We dig into the ground and unearth their lost stories, and now, as one person once wrote on the walls of our site, “These bones shall rise.”
Department Architecture
Sponsor Georgia Tech SoA
Advisor Vernelle Noel
Primary Email Contact
Table # R15


Name Major Hometown
Christian Waweru Arch Atlanta
Sean Li Arch Acworth