The world is increasingly looking to renewable energy sources to power the ever-increasing number of devices and electronics that become more integral to our lives each day. The market for large-scale renewable energy, already $880+ billion in 2020, is expected to double that by 2030.

Streampower is looking to capitalize on the budding market for personal, handheld renewable energy by creating a packable, lightweight device capable of generating and storing charge for small devices using energy that is all around us. Although the initial focus is on hydrokinetic energy from streams and rivers, the product is designed to seamlessly integrate with wind, solar, and mechanical power attachments, creating a power generating family of products for every occasion. Initial marketing is geared towards the ever-growing population of campers, backpackers, fishers, and any other outdoorsy people looking for a reliable power source for phones, flashlights, and other critical electronics they use.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor n/a
Advisor Dr. Roger Jiao
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Addison Brown ME Austin, TX
Emily Moseley ME Sandy Springs, GA
Jacob Buck ME Sandy Springs, GA
Jake Fogarty ME Boston, MA
Jay Middleton ME Dunwoody