Chocking is the act of placing an object in front of a plane's tires to prevent movement. In addition to keeping employees safe, chocking allows pilots to release the airplane's parking brake, mitigating the need for unnecessary repairs. Currently, the existing chocking procedures leave room for error and thus create issues with Delta meeting compliance standards.

With this in mind, Delta TechOps presented a project seeking to improve and ensure compliance when Ground Crews are chocking the airplanes. The goal of this project is to create a new chocking system with imbedded sensor network that aims to reduce compliance issues that Delta Airlines is currently facing.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor Delta Air Lines/Delta TechOps
Advisor Dr. Jianxin Jiao
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Alexander Tanner ME Mequon, Wisconsin
Alyson Riben ME Yardley, Pennsylvania
Andrea Preacher ME Peachtree City, Georgia
Bruce Bowers ME Chatsworth, Georgia
Jasmine Hornbeck ME Jacksonville, Florida
Victoria Chee ME Atlanta, Georgia