Despite the large influx of research in the last century, viral deterrents remain far behind the rest of the field. Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation (UBI) has been utilized before to treat infectious diseases, but the technology required to use these systems lagged behind. Once antibiotics were developed, UBI, as it was, became obsolete. With further research on a system utilizing UBI, the medical field could make a leap forward to save the lives of many affected by chronic viral illnesses. This project will attempt to further that research by creating a test bench for UBI with multiple sensor systems to get metrics for future systems.
Department Interdisciplinary
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Advisor Xiaoli Ma
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Name Major Hometown
Abichiran Baskaran ME Milford, MA
Conor Snyder ME Suwanee, GA
Gracen Wallace CmpE Canton, GA
Hui Lee EE Suwanee, GA
Jeremiah Lightner EE Lilburn, GA