Relativity Space seeks to develop a new copper alloy system developed specifically for additive manufacturing of rocket propulsion systems. While copper alloys currently are used in the rocket propulsion industry, there still exists room for improvements in strength, thermal conductivity, and cost, especially when applied to 3D printing. To address this need, the M.A.C.H Team set out to design a copper-alumina metal matrix composite that would provide the necessary strength and thermal conductivity at a low cost when additively manufactured using laser powder bed fusion
Department Material Sciences & Engineering
Sponsor Relativity Space
Advisor Dr. Natalie Stingelin
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Daniel Urli MSE Massapequa
James Moss MSE Suwanee, GA
Jarod Vogt MSE Cocoa Beach, FL
Nupur Udipi MSE West Des Moines, IA
Van Earl Wright MSE Atlanta, GA