On average, washroom paper towels make up 20-40% of office waste that is sent to landfill. The current paper towel products have no recyclability due to their manufacturing additives. Many major paper towel manufactures have already designed and in some cases run pilot programs that utilize a new recyclable paper towel product. However, the added cost, lack of social awareness, and difficulty to implement in the real world caused these products and programs to never be turned into a large scale operation. Our team's goal is to create a economic analysis that would highlight any differences and benefits to the entire paper towel supply chain and create a implementable program that would put into words the logistics of bringing a recycling process for paper towels to universities. This project will highlight the Triple Bottom line for a recyclable paper towel that will ensure millions of tons of paper towel waste do not end up in a landfill.
Department Material Sciences & Engineering
Sponsor GreenBlue
Advisor Christopher Luettgen
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