One issue with the current way that cold brew is made is that it takes so long to make, meaning that it takes plenty of preparation and forethought to steep the grounds in water beforehand to be able to enjoy it later. The current options for making cold brew require either planning 8-12 hours in advance or spending a lot of money buying pre-made cold brew. This is the problem our team has set out to solve. Our team will design a machine that automates the process of grinding, transferring, steeping, straining, and waste collecting, to make the process of making cold brew require minimal effort by the user.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Juang, Biing
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Name Major Hometown
Branden Fernandes ME Easton, CT
Daniel Hobbs ME Lawrenceville
Guruganesh Rajaraman EE Snellville
Jaden Truxal CmpE Warner Robins, GA
Nilabh Bhat CmpE Fremont, CA
Uthej Kunamneni EE Flower Mound