The overall project is working towards a nanotechnological solution to solve the challenge of monitoring large area cell cultures by using soft sensor array system, which can be deployed over the surfaces of the bag bioreactors. The sensor array is fabricated using microfabrication processes along with functionalization methods that is necessary for measuring pH scale, glucose, and temperature. This solution is working with miniature commercial integrated circuited (IC) components that are directly incorporated with the thin-film circuits, allowing for real-time, onboard data analysis, and wireless data communication.
The project requires a multidisciplinary knowledge with the technological components and the fabrication components. The overall idea requires that the technological components (IC) is placed on top of a fabricated material. The material that the circuit is placed on top of must be a flexible and wearable material, which means that it must be safe for human use. This fabricated material will be built in the lab, and it requires a materials science knowledge. The materials science knowledge is required in order to create a material that is thin and flexible so that it is unobtrusive to the user.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor Dr. Woonhong Yeo
Advisor Dr. Hyoryoung Lim
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Kimberly Lie CmpE Duluth, GA
Shania Tjhang ChBE Tampa