Finanseer takes Robo-advising to the next level by building a set and forget model that uses just in time notification delivery to remind you of your financial goals.

There are four main components of this application. The frontend is the interactive component that allows the user to see the data being processed in a human-readable way. We use the Plaid API to obtain the user’s financial information. The device’s location is sent to the backend in real-time, where it acts as a trigger for suggestion events and push notifications.

Based on the user’s observed location, the backend requests the user’s relevant, stored banking information and gives them insight into how to save money based on their assumed intentions through our “smart survey” system. The notifications act as a way for the user to interact with their data without having to even open the app. This makes this effortless process even more “hands-off.”
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Olufisayo Omojokun
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Name Major Hometown
Abdulwahab Jarkas CS Beirut
Filipp Zakharchenko CS Moscow, Russia
Maksim Tochilkin CS Moscow, Russia
Michael Wechsler CS East Hills, NY
Somil Jain CS Chandler, AZ
Vedant Bhat CS Milton