Seasonal Affective Disorder is caused by change in sunlight exposure and is common during the winter time. Symptoms include fatigue, depressed mood, and loss of energy. A way to treat these symptoms is by using a full-spectrum “happy” light that mimics sunlight, but current SAD products are limited, visually unappealing, and have limited settings that fail to replicate sunlight.
Our objective is to address these problems to develop a product that is beneficial to individuals with SAD. The problem our team aims to solve is increased adaptability and adjustability for a full spectrum light that still provides benefits to SAD symptoms by outputting a safe full spectrum.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Prof. Greg Sawicki
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Name Major Hometown
Brandon Corry ME Jupiter, FL
Christine Huynh ME Evans, GA
Juan Garcia ME Acworth, GA
Lucas Portera ME Anchorage, AK
Lucas Greenway ME Madison, GA
Peiyao Wu ME Nanjing, CN