In this project, our team is working with the Atlanta Department of Transportation, a government entity tasked with managing and promoting transportation infrastructure. Specifically, the team is looking to provide the Atlanta DOT with a data-driven methodology that maximizes the impact of investments made into streetlights, with the goal of reducing overall crashes and crime. The team’s approach is centered around building a socio-demographic conscious priority model of roads and a costing tool to give the Atlanta DOT the ideal level and order of intervention. This will ultimately transform the City’s installation of streetlights from a reactive to proactive system.
Department Industrial & Systems Engineering
Sponsor Atlanta Department of Transportation
Advisor Leon McGinnis
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Alyssa Sullivan IE Sugar Hill, GA
Andres Farach IE Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Esteban Ulloa IE Guatemala City, Guatemala
Gabriella Marenco Tamara IE Barranquilla, Colombia
Isaac Hergott IE Augusta, GA
Jordi Sabria Gabarro IE Barcelona, Spain
Monica De Armas Perez IE Monterrey, Mexico
Willem Hartog Urreta IE San Jose, Costa Rica