Plants and animals living in areas with seasonal snow rely on the snow to survive the harsh winter, since snow acts as a thermal insulator. However, due to climate change, the snow pack is shrinking, putting many species at risk. In order to measure the extent of the change in snow and how this change affects wildlife, researchers need to measure the characteristic of the snow and surrounding air. Currently, researchers physically move to locations and manually measure in order to get data. This is difficult and inefficient, so we are creating a device that will automatically collect data and send it to the researchers remotely.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor Dr. Jon Pauli
Advisor Dr. Vijay Madisetti
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Name Major Hometown
Erobhosele Sado CmpE Atlanta
Jason Palmer CmpE Stamford, CT
Levi Durham ME Atlanta, GA
Tu Tran ME Savannah, Georgia
Vincent Wang CmpE Germantown, TN