The Datalogger Utility for Citizen Collaboration (DUCC) is an open-source data collection and aggregation
solution for researchers and citizen scientists that fills the void left by the current
market. The DUCC is a low-cost and user-friendly embedded
sensing unit that can be used to capture four data points (pH, turbidity, temperature, and TDS) to monitor water quality. The unit provides
ordinary citizens with an accessible platform to conduct high quality experiments by streamlining the sensor-to-database pipeline. The DUCC was designed with extensibility in mind so that additional sensor types or design variations may be explored in the future.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Elbert Michael Ruiz
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Name Major Hometown
Abigail Cliche CmpE Gainesville, GA
Devesh Dalmia CmpE Johns Creek
Michael Marzano CmpE Augusta, GA
Sanjit Kumar CmpE Suwanee, GA