As a global company, we are always looking at ways to become more environmentally aware and look to provide our customers with the lowest operating costs possible, so that our customers can save money. One of the ways this can be accomplished is by creating more efficient products. In addition to focusing on the customers’ bottom line and the environment, as emissions standards become increasingly more stringent based on horsepower rating tiers, higher horsepower engine that pass these standards become more difficult to find and more expensive. This drives us to continually look to reduce loads and increase efficiency so that we can stay within the lowest horsepower tier as possible. These loads and inefficiencies found on the Jacobsen product exist within either the powertrain or the mowing decks. For the purpose of this Capstone project we will focus on bottom side of the mowing decks, cutting parts and the rotary deck itself.
Department Mechanical Engineering
Sponsor Textron Specialized Vehicles: Roebuck, Trevor
Advisor Dr. Jiao
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Name Major Hometown
Dongjun Yoo ME South Korea
Doyeon Kim ME South Korea
Jaehyeok Choi ME South Korea
John Kim ME South Korea
Kwangjun Jung ME South Korea
Younggi Lee ME South Korea