The project is a telepresence robot. It exists in a space to allow a remote user with a screen to view and control the robot. The device will be mounted on a ceiling or upper wall-mounted track, which is important because it will keep the robot out of the way when not in use. The camera assembly will consist of a camera turret that can rotate. The robot will have the capability to move around the track, moving the camera’s point of view. This will lead to a more natural form of remote human interaction than a traditional webcam setup. All of these motions will be controlled by a remote operator via a website, and the video feed from the robot will be relayed back to the operator via the internet. As the robot’s range is relatively long as it drives around the track, it will have an onboard battery to keep its various components powered. At a few points in the track, or perhaps the whole track, there will be some sort of charging system to keep the robot’s cell topped off. The whole battery charging system, and indeed the whole robot, will have to be designed for safety and reliability. The goal for the project is to bring a bit more normalcy to the webcam-dominated cyberspace we currently are living in.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Arron Lanterman
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Name Major Hometown
Eunsan Mo CmpE Costa Mesa
Ian Graham EE Lawrenceville
Larry Kresse EE Martinsville, IN
Randall Kliman CmpE Tucson, Arizona