HyTech racing is interested in a custom battery management system, a data recording system, and a user interface for charging Lithium Cobalt Oxide pouch battery cells. The end goal is efficient battery charging and health estimation. The designed system/device is required to: charge at least 9 battery cells at a time (~38V total), charge at around 10A of current, record voltage and current data for every battery cell, implement a cell balancing algorithm, and must be powered from a regular electrical wall outlet.
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Ying Zhang
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Name Major Hometown
Abigail Ivemeyer EE Snellville, GA
Ethan Taylor EE Blue Ridge, GA
Evan Burke ME Terre Haute, IN
Leonid Pozdneev EE Krasnoznamensk
Mayur Singh ME Greensboro
Stefan Abi-Karam EE Davie , Florida