In the United States, there are around 1 million GI bleeding patients seen in primary care offices and hospitals. Of these patients, 500,000 patients with suspected GI bleeding are hospitalized. The current standard of care for these patients are invasive tests like endoscopies and colonoscopies which can lead to inconclusive results and added discomfort for the patient. Is It Really Melena created the Blue Blood Scanning Box to help avoid these invasive tests for a GI bleed diagnosis. This device is able to distinguish between an upper and a lower GI bleed through a series of chemical tests and with an algorithmic analysis that can produce results in minutes. This device is portable, small, and reusable, so it can easily be integrated into a busy ER framework. The blue blood scanning box will not only fill the many needs in the GI diagnostics field, but it will stop doctors from asking “Is it really melena?”.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Kevin P Shah
Advisor James Rains
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Anthony Pisaturo BME Loganville
Azimul Hoque BME Atlanta
Elizabeth Albright BME Atlanta
Gabriella Kabboul BME Caracas, Venezuela
Terese Navarra BME Omaha, NE