With the crisis of climate change becoming increasingly present in our lives, carbon-free energy solutions are desperately needed. Nuclear power is a reliable, carbon-free energy source; however, nuclear reactors can be expensive, create hazardous nuclear waste, and in extremely rare instances, result in accidents. We are designing a 1000 MWth advanced nuclear reactor cooled by molten lead that will combat all of these problems. Our reactor is smaller than conventional nuclear reactors, and thereby it should be cheaper to construct. Also it is inherently safer, produces less waste, and is more efficient than many other commercial nuclear reactors today.
Department Nuclear & Radiological Engineering
Sponsor N/A
Advisor Bojan Petrovic
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Name Major Hometown
Collin Dunn NRE Spokane Valley, WA
Jeffrey Wang NRE San Marcos
Lucien Ewane NRE Atlanta
Luke Black NRE Winder
Ousmane Ndiaye NRE Decatur