Ideally, every sexually active person should have access to affordable sexually transmitted infection (STI) testing as recommended for their sexual activity. Chlamydia is the second most common STI in the United States, with a reported 4 million diagnoses in 2018 (CDC, 2019). The CDC believes this number is dramatically underreported due to social stigma, lack of access to screening, general awareness, and the common asymptomatic nature of Chlamydia. Chlamydia is caused by the bacteria Chlamydia trachomatis and results in an estimated $691M direct medical costs annually. Chlamydial infections disproportionately affect young women, Black Americans, men who have sex with men, and rural communities (CDC, 2019). Current methods of testing include visiting health clinics or purchasing testing kits online. These are cost-prohibitive and require lab work. Therefore, we aim to develop an affordable and accessible home screening test that provides rapid results to increase Chlamydia testing.
Department Biomedical Engineering
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Advisor Dr. Melissa Kottke
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Adrianna Bernardo BME Hudson, OH
Amelia Smith BME Macon, GA
Hannah Theriault BME Dallas, GA
Jazmine Nash BME Decatur, GA