This project aims to design a neonatal incubator for use and fabrication in Ghana. Ghana has a struggling infant mortality rate, in large part due to the country’s inability to handle preterm birth complications. Incubators are essential in keeping babies stable and warm during critical times, but they are scarce and unreliable. The high cost of acquiring and maintaining incubators along with limited access to resources and frequent power outages have made commercial incubators infeasible in places like Ghana. This project aims to tackle this problem by providing a detailed incubator design that is affordable and able to be fabricated using parts found in Ghana, easily debugged with limited knowledge of electronics and tools, prioritizes keeping the baby warm and secure and is
resilient to the uncertain environments of Ghana.
Department Electrical & Computer Engineering
Sponsor Dr. William Okyere-Frempong
Advisor Prof. Whit Smith
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Name Major Hometown
Alton Stovall CmpE Memphis
Breanna Ivey EE Macon, Ga
Dorsey Beckles CmpE Lithonia
Hunter Ellison EE Evans, Ga
Jacques Crawford EE atlanta
Joel Mathew EE Grayson, Georgia