In order to fill a market gap for users not being able to reliably determine when a mower grass bag is full, TTI has sponsored the Grass Gurus to design a grass bag fill sensor for their 40V electric mowers. The Grass Gurus have developed a capacitive-based sensor and LED indicator that seamlessly integrate into TTI’s current walk-behind mower lineup. The solution is low cost, non-invasive, and easy to manufacture at scale. Check out our project video for more information!
Department Interdisciplinary
Sponsor TTI
Advisor Dr. Kenneth Cunefare
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Alex Field ME Brookhaven, GA
Eli Tiemann ME Millstadt, IL
Joshua Shafran CmpE Kingston, NY
Maxwell Koerner ME Penn Valley, PA
Phillip Holloway ME Atlanta, GA
Samuel Kiley CmpE Duluth, GA