In recent years, there has been significant steps in developing the next generation of nuclear reactors for use in research and power production. Among the proposed and investigated reactor designs exists the option for molten salt cooled reactors. Our team was tasked with the full design of a molten salt cooled fast reactor using solid HALEU fuel. The reactor has nearly double the power density of a traditional commercial use Pressurized Water Reactor (PWR) and can reach much higher levels of fuel utilization over its operating period. The reactor also has unique safety passive safety features - Lithium Expansion Modules (LEMs) were implemented in the design to increase the reactor's self-controllability during accidents or unexpected transients. The scope of our design includes neutronic optimization, thermal safety, natural convection analyses, and radiological designs and dose limits. The results of the design indicate that a solid fuel molten salt fast reactor capable of producing up to 1000 MW is very feasible from safety, economic, and radiological perspectives.
Department Nuclear & Radiological Engineering
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Advisor Dr. Petrovic
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Emily Surry NRE Marietta, GA
Ethan Gray NRE Kennesaw, GA
Jonathon Faulkner NRE Round Lake Heights
Mitchell Bean NRE Chickamauga
Tarun Naren NRE Duluth