Our task was to develop a sustainable funding model for the Piedmont Park Conservancy. Piedmont Park, like most public parks, faces budgetary stress, which has been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. We completed a hedonic regression of Midtown Atlanta homes to find the dollar amount added to the selling price of these properties due to their proximity to Piedmont Park. This information will provide the Piedmont Park Conservancy with more leverage when negotiating with stakeholders.
Department Public Policy
Sponsor Piedmont Park Conservancy
Advisor Jan Youtie & Diana Hicks
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Name Major Hometown
Andrew McGraw PubP Wayne County, Georgia
Colin Masterson PubP Cumming, Georgia
Josette Vanderlaan PubP Las Vegas, Nevada
Madeline Bruning PubP Athens, Georgia
Mira Kaufman PubP Atlanta, Georgia