Bird-window collisions are the second leading cause of bird death worldwide. Bird-safe legislation aims to reduce these collisions by providing standards for bird-friendly building design. Currently, no Georgia municipality has bird-safe legislation, and few precedents exist for how Georgia Audubon can influence state and local policymakers. We aim to provide Georgia Audubon with the best practices and insights for their advocacy. We answer the question: what steps have policy entrepreneurs taken in other United States municipalities to pass bird-safe legislation, and how can their strategies inform Georgia Audubon’s advocacy process?
Department Public Policy
Sponsor Georgia Audubon/Adam Betuel
Advisor Dr. Jan Youtie / Dr. Diana Hicks
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Name Major Hometown
Anne Hardin PubP Atlanta, GA
Dalton Booker PubP Pulaski, GA
Grace Fletcher PubP Thomasville, GA
Peter Tilly PubP Roswell, Ga
William Marchant PubP Sandy Springs