The objective of this project is to reduce labor costs per case associated with case and layer pick methods of filling orders at the Jefferson Reckitt warehouse operated by Kenco. We identified opportunities to achieve this by reducing movements and standardizing processes associated with these picking methods. Our solution includes an inventory slotting method with assignment of static and dynamic pick-face locations, layer pick operation suggestions and analysis, and implementable standardized process improvements to reduce countback errors and case picker idle time. These solutions will work together to increase layer picking capacity levels and decrease direct labor costs associated with case picking including overtime.
Department Industrial & Systems Engineering
Sponsor RB & Kenco
Advisor Dr. Gunter Sharp
Primary Email Contact
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Name Major Hometown
Anubhav Dhar IE Trumbull, CT
Caroline Crain IE Milton, Georgia
Ishaan Chatterjee IE Houston, Texas
Satish Kumar IE Edison, NJ
Satyakrishna Polavarapu IE Bridgewater, NJ
Selin Sari IE Istanbul, Turkey
Sydney Davis IE Marietta, GA
William Stallings IE Kennesaw