While telemedicine has existed nearly as long as the internet, improved technology and the COVID-19 pandemic have catalyzed its growth. Telemedicine offers numerous advantages to patients and physicians over traditional in-person visits including convenience, accessibility, and cost-savings. However, telehealth visits are currently limited to discussing patient history and visually inspecting patients. The ability to auscultate patients during telehealth visits would assist physicians in diagnosing a variety of diseases including COVID-19. Therefore, we propose a cost effective auscultation device that would allow physicians to perform a more complete virtual physical exam in addition to reaching low-income communities and advancing the goals of a value based healthcare system.
Department Biomedical Engineering
Sponsor Emory University Hospital
Advisor Dr. Matthew Brown
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Name Major Hometown
Ahdil Gill BME Roswell, GA
Atharv Marathe BME Johns Creek, GA
Keval Bollavaram BME Snellville, GA
Ram Akella BME Lilburn, GA
Sil Savla BME Johns Creek, GA