Have you ever scrolled the offers displayed in your banking app? We have partnered with Cardlytics to help them improve their methods to target consumers with ad campaigns. Cardlytics’ current models are not suited to handle their upcoming increase in number of advertisers. Our team is here to design a new model for them that has a higher computational efficiency as well as an improved accuracy to better target consumers at a higher scale.
Department Industrial & Systems Engineering
Sponsor Cardlytics
Advisor Dr. Serban
Primary Email Contact
Table # 06-B


Name Major Hometown
Andrea Proce IE Miami, Florida
Camila Gonzalez IE Caracas
Gabe Tiongco IE Virginia Beach , VA
Jackson Somers IE Johns Creek
Joseph Karle IE Roswell
Julia Williams IE Asheville, NC
Lukas Nijhawan IE Eau Claire, Wisconsin
Srivenkat Boinapalli IE Acworth